Organization of the Guide

1: General Information

This section contains general information about the MPD experiment and the MpdRoot environment, including the purposes, points of contact, and acronyms and abbreviations.

2: Installation

The second section describes required packages and installation steps of the MpdRoot framework in details.The first subsection is devoted to the basic set of physics libraries and tools –FairSoft.

3:MpdRoot Structure

This section contains the information about structure of the MpdRoot framework, and briefly describes its directories, files and macros to be executed by the ROOT environment.

4:Simulation and Reconstruction Tasks

The fourth section details the simulation and reconstruction macros,their main parts, execution scheme. It lists possible event generators and transport packages which can be used in detector simulation.

5: Event display of the MPD experiment

This section presents eventdisplay system in tended to visualize the detector geometries and events of particle collisions with the fixed target, its structure, options and features as well as integration into the MpdRoot software.

6: Unified Database for MPD offline data processing

The section describes the developed Unified Database designed as offline data storage of the MPD experiment. The scheme of the Unified Database and its parameters are briefly presented. In addition, C++ interface developed for the access to the database are concisely described.

7:Distributed computing

The last section describes the design approaches and methods of cluster development for storing and processing of data obtained at the MPD detector.The current cluster scheme and structure are presented; software for building data storage and parallelization of the MPD data processing arenoted.