MpdRoot Directories

The MpdRoot is based on the ROOT and an object-oriented framework FairBase. The FairBase is the core of the FairRoot environment of the FAIR experiment at GSI Institute, and was developed to use it in other high-energy physics (HEP) experiments.The MpdRoot contains the FairBase as apart to simplify simulated and experimental data processing. As a result, the MpdRoot has the following set of FairBase directories, which should not be modified:

base–common classes of the FairBase environment, it contains base classes to implement another classes and macros for MPD data processing, such as: FairDetector, FairField, FairHit, FairRun (FairRunSim, FairRunAna)and many others;

cmake – CMake scripts to compile the MpdRoot software,CMake generates native Makefiles for all supported platforms;

cuda – templates and example to start working with CUDA toolkit in order to parallelize data processing via graphic processors (NVidia video cards), FairCuda is a class which wraps CUDA implemented functions so that they can be used directly from ROOT CINT or compiled code;

fairtools – additional tool classes: FairLogger, FairMonitor, FairSystemInfo;

geane – tool for particle track propagation via TGeant3 package (Geane calculates the average trajectories of particles through dense materials and the transport matrix as well as the propagated errors covariance matrix in a given track representation);

generators – classes ofthe event generators: UrQMD, Shield, Pluto, etc.;

geobase – classes to construct detector geometries, such as: FairGeoTube, FairGeoConen FairGeoMedia and many others;

parbase – classes to work with parameters stored in output ROOT files;

passive – classes to build passive volumes of the MPD geometry;

trackbase – classes to store particle tracking parameters of the Geane package.
The MpdRoot environment also contains its own directories. Some were taken from the FairRoot and CbmRoot, and adapted to the MPD experiment.

The MpdRoot environment also contains its own directories. Some were taken from the FairRoot and CbmRoot, and adapted to the MPD experiment.

Mpdbase – base classes of the MpdRoot environment, such as:
CbmPrimaryVertexFinder, CbmTrackMerger, etc.;

Mpddata – common classes of the MpdRoot designed primarily to store data of the experiment, it includes classes ofdigits,hits, pointsand tracks of the MPD subdetectors, e.g.CbmPsdDigi, CbmPsdHit and CbmPsdPoints;

Mpdfield – classes to work with magnetic fields;

eventdisplay – classes for visualization and monitoring of collision events and detector geometries (event display);

gconfig – macros with cuts and settings of particle transport packages (Geant,Fluka…) for event simulation;

geometry – files with geometries of the MPD subdetectors in ROOT (.root) or ASCII (.geo) formats;

input – text files with different MPD parameters and detector mappings;

macro – ROOT macros for simulation, reconstruction and physical analysis tasks.

parameters – text files with detector parameters;

QA – QA-histograms to check simulation, reconstruction and physical analysis tasks of the MpdRoot environment;

uni_db – C++ database interface with ROOT macros, examples and documentation to use it for getting data of the MPD experiment.

Сlasses for reconstruction of particle tracks in collisions of the MPD experiment are located in the following directories:

MpdKalmanFilter – classes of Kalman filter to reconstruct particle tracks;

cat – classes of L1 algorithm of track reconstruction used in CBM experiment;

global tracking – classes to combine reconstructed track segments of different MPD subdetectors into global particle track;

KF – Kalmanfilter’s classes. Every subdetector of the MPD facility is presented by separate directory with the same name:

bd – classes to work with Barrel detector (BD);

dch – classes to work with Drift Chambers (DCH);

ecal – classes to work with Electromagnetic Calorimeter (ECAL);

gem – classes to work with Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM);

mwpc – classes to work with Multi Wire Proportional Chambers (MWPC);

psd – classes to work with Zero Degree Calorimeter (ZDC), this implementation is based on classes for PSD detector of the CBM experiment;

recoil – classes to work with Recoil detector;

sts – classes to work with Gas ElectronMultiplier, the implementations is based on classes for STS detector of the CBM experiment;

tof – classes to work with Time-of-Flight detector (TOF-700) locate data distance about of 7m from the target;

tof1 –classes to work with Time-of-Flight detector (TOF-400) located at a distance about of 4m from the target;

zdc – classes to work with Zero Degree Calorimeter.

The top directory of the MpdRoot framework includes the following files:

CMakeLists.txt – the main CMake script to compile MpdRoot;

COPYING – general license of the MpdRoot;

INSTALL – short manual to install the MpdRoot environment;

README – short description of the MpdRoot software; – bash script for setting the FairSoft environment to compile the MpdRoot