How to use

NICA cluster machines are available for users of the NICA collaborations. To login, use your account for nc machines (nc[2,3,8,9]

ssh -X [username] 

The FairSoft and FairRoot software are installed on each nc-machine. FairSoft is located at /opt/fairsoft/install directory, FairRoot – /opt/fairroot/install. Please, use these last supported versions on the cluster.

The rules of using the NICA cluster:
▸ Home directory space (/nica/user/*/*) should not exceed 10 GB.
▸ User working directories should be created on the shared cluster disks mounted as /nica/mpd* and named by login of the user. The working directory should not exceed 100 GB on each disk.

e.g. mkdir /nica/mpd16/$USER 

▸ If you need more disk space, then you need to inform the administrator of the cluster about the necessary additional volume and time of data storing.
▸ Working directories (/nica/mpd*/*), which have not been accessed for more than 3 years, are removed.
▸ Accounts, whose users have not worked on the cluster for more than 3 years, are deleted.