How to use GIT

  1. GIT access
  2. Register on the site with mail and add SSH key to your profile –

    Access without SSH (zip archive):

    MpdRoot archive
    BmnRoot archive
  3. Clone GIT repository
  4. for mpdroot:

    git clone

    for bmnroot:

    git clone
  5. To update the remote url in your local repository run:
  6. for mpdroot:

    git remote set-url origin

    for bmnroot:

    git remote set-url origin
  7. Update my local branch from origin
  8. git pull
  9. Create new branch and use it
  10. git branch my_branch
    git checkout my_branch
  11. Add new file or folder in GIT
  12. git add FILE
  13. Add all new files or folders in GIT
  14. git add .
  15. Save the changes in local repository (origin branch)
  16. git commit -am "Comments"
  17. Save the changes in remote repository
  18. git push origin my_branch
  19. If you want merge my_branch with protected pro (production) branch create merge request on