How to check if current MC track created hit into active volume of your detector

Starting from revision 608, you can use information about your detector placed into MCTrack branch of the simulated data. Each detector has now the flag (bit value: 0 or 1) which indicate if this detector has hits for this TrackID. You can use

Int_t FairMCTrack::GetNPoints(DetectorId detId) 

for such a check, for example:

FairRootManager *ioman = FairRootManager::Instance();
pMCTracks   = (TClonesArray*) ioman->GetObject("MCTrack"); 

mcTrack = (FairMCTrack*) pMCTracks->UncheckedAt(mcTrackIndex);
if (mcTrack->GetNPoints(kTOF)) {
     // do your analysis of this track

The constant numbers (DetectorId) of all known MPD detectors are described in the header