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Physical publications
MPD collaborationThe MPD detector at the NICA heavy-ion collider at JINRNIM A 628 (2011) 99-102link
MPD collaborationNuclear-nuclear collision centrality determination by the spectators calorimeter for the MPD setup at the NICA facilityPhysics of Atomic Nuclei, January 2013, Volume 76, Issue 1, pp 1-15link
MPD collaborationОпределение центральности ядро-ядерных столкновений с использованием калориметра спектаторов для установки MPD на коллайдере NICAЯДЕРНАЯ ФИЗИКА, 2013, том 76, № 1, с. 2–17link
Technical publications
J. Fedorišin, O.V. Rogachevsky, Y.T. KiryushinCathode Pad Chambers at NICA/MPDProceedings of Sciencelink