Software Development Team

29.10.2019 Oleg Rogachevsky 0

Software coordinator: Rogachevsky Oleg /¬†¬† Database, distributed computing: Moshkin Andrey / Track reconstruction: Zinchenko Alexander / TPC simulation: Bychkov Alexander / TOF […]


24.10.2019 Oleg Rogachevsky 0

Event reconstruction is the process of interpreting the electronic signals produced by the detector to determine the original particles that passed through, their momenta, directions, […]


24.10.2019 Oleg Rogachevsky 0

Event generators are software libraries that randomly generate high-energy particle physics events. MonteCarlo (because they exploit Monte Carlo methods) event generators are essential components of […]

MpdRoot Macros

17.10.2019 Oleg Rogachevsky 0

Macro is a main executable element of the MpdRoot environment. Usually it has .C extension. How to run macro by ROOT interpreter (CINT), you can […]

FairSoft Package

17.10.2019 Oleg Rogachevsky 0

Many physics packages are necessary for the MpdRoot environment. Some of them can be installed using the package manager of the Linux distribution, but many […]

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