How to use

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How to use NICA cluster of LHEP. NICA cluster (nc) machines are available for the users of the NICA collaborations. To login, use your account […]

PROOF parallelization

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 You can essentially accelerate the data processing by your macros with Parallel Root Facility (PROOF). The information about PROOF system parallelizing ROOT macros is presented […]


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 If you have time-consuming tasks, many simple tasks or a lot of files to process, you can use batch system on distributed clusters, such as […]

How to use GIT

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This is quick tutorial on how to use capabilities of GIT tools for software development in team. To access the GIT repository: Register on the […]

Spin Physics Detector (SPD)

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Measurements of asymmetries in the lepton pair (Drell-Yan) production in collisions of non-polarized, longitudinally and transversally polarized protons and deuterons beams are suggested to be […]