The HybriLIT heterogeneous cluster is a computation component of the Multifunctional center for data storage processing and analysis of LIT JINR, which contains a multicore […]

 The JINR Central Information and Computer Complex is constructed as an uniform information resource for all projects in which the JINR participates. The computing resources […]

How to use

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NICA cluster machines are available for users of the NICA collaborations. To login, use your account for nc machines (nc[2,3,8,9] ssh -X [username] The FAIRSOFT […]

PROOF parallelization

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 You can essentially accelerate the data processing by your macros with Parallel Root Facility (PROOF). The information about PROOF system parallelizing ROOT macros is presented […]

Batch Processing

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 If you have time-consuming tasks, many simple tasks or a lot of files to process, you can use batch system on distributed clusters, such as […]

How to use GIT

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GIT access Register on the site with mail and add SSH key to your profile – Access without SSH (zip archive): […]

How to get geometry from parameter’s file

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In a stand-alone macro: gROOT->LoadMacro(“$VMCWORKDIR/macro/mpd/mpdloadlibs.C”); mpdloadlibs(1,1); TFile* f = new TFile(“evetest.root”); f->Get(“FairBaseParSet”); gGeoManager In any “mpdroot” analysis task (if gGeoManager is not yet known): FairRunAna* […]

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